Marvellous your business with Web scraping services

Marvellous your business with Web scraping services

Who wants to “marvelous their business”?


I received this beautiful and inspiring message from Dimpi P in my SPAM folder today (that’s the special folder for Socially Powerful Amplification Messages), and I had to share it with you.

Dimpi is an expert at web scraping, which is where you rely on the generosity of other content providers to give you a good ol’ leg up with your marketing.

And as Dimpi shows (Dimpi walks the talk), if you scrape content with poor spelling or grammer, that’s on the site you’re scraping. It’s not your fault.

If you’re still not convinced, then you need to read Dimpi’s professionally-scraped message. It said:

“Can you estimate how much time you will waste manually acquiring data that is widely available but doesn’t suit to your job roles.

“Also, can you afford to waste your precious time behind this?, Dimpi is from Hir Infotech with having 8+ years of well-trained employees furnish you error-free data with high-quality.

“We guarantee while collaborating with us, you will notice the consistency of our web scraping service.

“Below are listed services we offer:
– Website scraping
– Product scraping & uploading
– E-Mail extraction
– Search engine scraping
– Business directory scraping
– Leads/Prospect Scraping
– Opinion mining 

“Benefits you will gain at Hir Infotech:
– Accurate and consistent data 
– Time efficiency 
– Ready to use data 
– Cost effective

“I hope this finds you well, we would appreciate your effort to take a little step towards us via replying to this E-Mail or scheduling a call for no-cost advice.”

How good is this?

I might try and sell some rights to my head, because if they get stuck into “opinion mining”, I have some rich veins to share.

Here’s my question to you: Which LinkedIn members are worth scraping?
Richard Branson?
Nancy Duarte?
Philip Kotler?
Arianna Huffington?
Boris Johnson?