The secret life of Darren Hill

Well, friends, I suppose it is not that secret any more.

For many years, I worked in the shadows, helping Instagrammers live their best lives and turn friends into income streams (in the nicest possible way that left everybody with a warm puddle of lovely afterglow).

But times change, and my networks of happy clients have demanded that I step away from being right behind them and, instead, step into the light.

To be honest, I feel a bit naked but as a weekend naturist I am more comfortable than most in this situation.

So let’s strip back the artifice and show it like it is.

We all have something to sell and I’d rather make a friend happier with my load of goodies than a stranger.

Let the whispering begin.

I've given birth to more social media influencers than Kris Jenner
Darren Hill
Social Sales Whisperer