TikTok Follower Secrets

TikTok Follower Secrets

BREAKING: I just watched a short video by @KeithKrance about how to get @TiKToK followers really quickly.

It seems the secret is to draw on your screen with red marker.

Next time you’re on a social media platform, try this.

Put your post up and then circle things with any sort of marker you have, although I believe red is the best colour.

You can thank me later as you build your #socialinfluencer following.

One word of advice though, (I learnt this the hard way), if you’re doing your #socialmedia on your phone and drawing on your phone with red marker, make sure you wipe it off before you put your phone up to your ear.

I had to spend a whole afternoon with what we call #redear. People thought I had gone #viral, but in a bad way