Crowd Wisdom

Crowd Wisdom

Hmmm: “What do you think the aviation industry can do to manage the ongoing staff shortages and high demand? Share your thoughts in the comments below.”

Brilliant. Whenever I’m contemplating complex decision making, I just ask the people standing around the latest influencer shoot I’m managing.

You can always rely on Tony when he’s not stoned and Jennifer when she’s not touching up her lippy for an Insta.

They have already solved the Ukraine War (give every Russian soldier free Netflix and they’ll just chill), cancer (rub hand sanitizer on your belly so it gets into the skin to kill the germs), and now I’m sure they’ll solve the aviation industry’s issues (have people load our carry on for us so we only have to get in and sit which will make planes leave on time and then not be late or cancelled).

LinkedIn News, you’re on a winning strategy. Although Rupert probably has more experience with it!

PS If you want Kimmy’s thoughts, just ask and I’ll pass them on. She did mention something about replacing Frequent Flyers with Frequent Booty Upgrades, but don’t quote her on that yet.